The story


Etico was founded by Erwin Tips. The reason were the questions that were asked by colleague-enterpreneus that got more and more often solved by talking to Erwin. As a consequence, the idea rose to offer the experience and knowledge by Etico services.

Etico does not start from theory, but practice. After more than 10 years of successfull enterpreneurship, Etico delivers practical advice. Via coaching, consulting or management.

Some realisations:

  • Founding TipiSoft bvba
  • Founding aariXa bvba (as a employer based version of TipiSoft)
  • Setting up international environments within aariXa (Czech Republic, China, Philippines,...)
  • Investments in real estate (Belgian and foreign)
  • Setting up teams (within several companies)
  • Setting up ICT architecture (infrastructure, development,...)
  • ...

    Erwin is now an experienced, self-made entrepeneur, ready to share knowledge and experience, to take you where he always wanted to go...